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I’m Mike Cullen and I have been a resident of Florida for more than 40 (forty) years and a resident of DeLand for 16 (sixteen) years. I live in the unincorporated area of DeLand with my wife, Wendy and my two rescue labs, Bo & Brady.

Before starting to embrace my dream of having my own business, I worked in sales for a major beverage company. Initially, we sold and delivered product directly off the semi-truck, requiring a Commercial Driver’s License, and then transitioned to a pre-sale system. During that time, I drove a company provided logo’d vehicle. In my more than 25 years working for the company, I can proudly say that I never received a ticket.

Wendy and I moved to Volusia County, initially, to be close to her mother. I credit my mother-in-law with a lot of my inspiration for this business. As she grew older, and her health declined, she understood that it was no longer safe for her to drive. She volunteered to give up her car when she no longer felt safe behind the wheel. After that, she relied on friends to transport her where she needed to go. She relied on us to take her to the places she wanted to go.

When her friends also began to age, she became more reliant on public transportation; namely, taxi cabs. We were secure in knowing that she would be taken where she needed to go using cabs, but we hated that she often experienced extended wait times; often outside and in poor weather. After she passed away, I realized that there are probably other people that would appreciate affordable and pre- arranged transportation provided honestly, ethically and reliability. After that, Personal Transportation was born.

I understand that you all have options for your transportation needs. I hope that you consider my car service. You will find that for the car service I provide, I am affordable and committed to getting you from place to place safely and comfortably. Safety is my first priority and I will never answer the phone while with a client and I will provide you with excellent customer service. Remember, I will take you not just where you need to go, but where you want to go, as well.

Mike Cullen
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